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Helping Amazon & eCommerce Sellers Gain Clarity & Accurate Financial insights to scale their business profitably

eCommerce Seller Challenges

Feeling overwhelmed with your eCommerce venture? 🛒

Struggling to keep your cash flow steady

Unsure if your business is really making a profit? 📉

Maybe your books are a jumbled mess, or worse, nonexistent.📚

Now you’re stuck in a whirlwind of uncertainty

Wondering how to steer your business toward the success you’ve always dreamed of. 🌟

What you Desire

Ideally, you want complete transparency into your business’s monthly performance.

You crave the ability to craft smart strategies

and make confident decisions backed by accurate financial insights.

Most importantly, you’re eager to break free from the ordinary

and take a giant leap toward your ultimate business success.

What we can do to help

That’s where we come in! At GreenTarget eCommerce Accounting

We specialize in helping Amazon and eCommerce sellers transform their businesses with accurate financial insights.

Say goodbye to financial headaches as we meticulously handle sales, platform fees, cost of goods sold, and inventory accounting.

Switching to accrual-based accounting ensures precise financial records, giving you a clear understanding of your business’s true performance.

Now, armed with accurate insights, you can confidently navigate toward success, making informed decisions every step of the way.

Claim your 1 Month FREE!

Now here’s the exciting part – claim your FREE month of stress-free bookkeeping!

Yes, you heard it right – absolutely free!

We’ll take care of setting up, categorizing, and reconciling your books,

Ensuring accurate accounting for your eCommerce sales, fees, and cost of goods sold.

Finally, gain crystal-clear insight into your eCommerce profitability

without spending a dime!

We have limited capacity

But here’s the thing – while I’m eager to assist everyone,

our capacity is limited each month.

Secure your spot now before they run out!

Surely you don’t want to miss out on this exclusive opportunity!

Listen to what our delighted clients have to say:

“Because your satisfaction is our topmost priority!”

Ready to transform your eCommerce business today?

Don’t hesitate – Book a Call below or send an email now and let’s kickstart your journey toward success!


Amazon Accounting

eCommerce Accounting

QuickBooks Bookkeeping

🛒Setup in QuickBooks Online and A2X

🛒Catch up Bookkeeping

🛒Monthly Maintenance

🛒Setup in QuickBooks Online and A2X

🛒Catch up Bookkeeping

🛒Monthly Maintenance

🛒Setup in QuickBooks Online

🛒Catch up Bookkeeping

🛒Monthly Maintenance

Meet the Team


Founder, CEO

Jay is a tech savvy Accountant who loves helping  people solve their accounting & bookkeeping challenges.

After working with business owners online for five years, Jay decided to focus working more with eCommerce sellers.

With his love of technology, accounting, business, and online buy & sell…he is set to help eCommerce sellers have reliable, and easy to use QuickBooks Online bookkeeping and Inventory Accounting.

He works primarily with Amazon Sellers, Shopify Store owners, Walmart, eBay and Etsy sellers.

He loves working with clients from United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Singapore, and Europe.

On the flip side, Jay is a father of 3 little kids, and married to his lovely wife.

He loves music and singing, so you will sometimes see him singing his favorite songs in their karaoke at home.

He also loves to go swimming on the seaside beaches and pools around his beautiful  nature nurtured province.

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✅Get a free checkup of your books in QuickBooks Online

🗒️Get a list of all issues, and recommended solutions to put your books into top shape

📋Get a list of requirements to get the books updated

💰Get an estimate of how long it would take and how much it would cost to update your books

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