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5 Amazing Things You Miss When Using Excel for Bookkeeping

MISSED 1: The ability to track historical data to help with forecasting and budgeting

Do you want to be able to quickly run reports that compare your current business performance to the past periods, like previous months or years? This is available in QuickBooks Online but not in Excel.

This alone is a huge help to see how your business is doing from past to present and based on that data….you can predict how your business will do in the future.

MISSED 2: Decreased time spent on accounting and bookkeeping

The time and effort required to create and maintain your books thru Excel is too intensive, you need to be the expert doing all the maintenance and formulas. QuickBooks is maintained by experts, it’s already programmed for all your accounting and bookkeeping needs, enabling you to focus more on business growth and areas that need you more – like say marketing your business.

MISSED 3: Being able to collaborate with anyone from anywhere in the world at any time.

Collaboration is power, the power to access and use the expertise of other people to help you move your business faster. If you are using Excel, your books will be stuck on your computer, and accessing them will be hard for other professionals you want to work with.

MISSED 4: Easy scalability

Scalability is a simple thing, it’s the increase in your business activity or financial success. But, Excel has limited capabilities…it won’t scale the same as your business. QuickBooks Online can handle your business growth, without you changing anything.

MISSED 5: Generating reports as quickly as a few clicks

With Excel, every report you think of you need to create yourself. Think how much hassle that would be!

QuickBooks has a wide array of financial reports you can generate anytime with just a few clicks.

The Final Verdict: If you want something that nourishes and grows with your business…we recommend you use QuickBooks Online…there’s even a 30-day trial so you got nothing to lose.

Below is the list of plans you can avail depending on your needs:

Need help choosing which version suits you best?

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