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Are you an Amazon FBA Seller...who sells primarily in the US, UK, and Canada locations?

Are you struggling to see whether you are truly making profits, and not just gross profits but net profits?

After deducting the Amazon Fees, Cost of Goods Sold, and all business operating expenses, it’s your bottom line. 

This provides you with the whole picture of whether your business is making money or losing money.

If you want to grow your Amazon FBA business, you need to make sure you have the right systems
in place to support you.

Amazon FBA is a lucrative business with virtually unlimited sales potential. 

But the costs of doing business with Amazon are huge. 

The biggest part of your Sales will be used to pay those platform fees which range from 8% to a whopping 45%! 

If you don’t have enough Gross Margin and good budgeting in place…you will easily lose the money you generated from your Sales.

If you want to scale your Amazon FBA business but you are not yet confident you have the right systems
and information in place? I’m here to help:

🛒 Set up an easy-to-use and reliable bookkeeping system designed for Amazon sellers

🛒 Properly account for Amazon Fees, Cost of Goods Sold, and Inventory

🛒 Get accurate information that you need on time

🛒 See the true profitability and performance of your business as a whole

🛒Have more visibility of your cash flow by seeing how much money moves in and moves out of your business

🛒 Know which product SKU is more profitable than the others

With the right systems and support in place, you can finally:

✅ Save time and focus on doing what you love

✅ Increase profitability – by monitoring and improving your business performance every month

✅ Strategize and plan ahead for the future of your business

✅ Have more edge against the competition – by knowing how well your business is doing and implementing the right strategies

✅ Optimize your product pricing strategies

✅ See if your marketing and advertising efforts are bringing enough Sales

to cover all the costs and still generate profits to pay yourself and scale up the business

So, what do you need to have a proper Amazon bookkeeping and accounting system?

a. A QuickBooks Online Account

b. A2X account – optional (Syncs Amazon Sales & Fees, and COGS to QBO)

c. Amazon Seller Central Reports

d. Good records of your inventory purchases

e. Bank statements and credit card statements

f. Email, Slack, and Zoom/Google Meet for quick communication

Ready to understand, optimize, and drive your Amazon FBA business to the right direction?